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The aim
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This project aims to

  1. Document, previously undocumented, key architectural elements and subsequently raise awareness among academics, public and Lebanese authorities about the values of old buildings’ detailed features. This is in consideration of digital approaches that reflect the current interactive methods, which proved popularity and usefulness. The focus is on architectural elements of public historic buildings in use that link the indoor spaces with outdoor public activities, and represent a tangible heritage, where the users have their first visual interaction with; particularly doors, gates, and entrances of mosques, churches and khans;

  2. Highlight the importance of the intangible heritage underpinning such tangible patrimony by reviving traditional crafts related to the manufacture/repair of historic buildings’ entrances, which would financially benefit local craftsmen.

Mashaad school.jpg

Panoramic views for selected cases

Al Mansouri Mosque Complex

Saint George's Cathedral (Mar Gerios) of Tripoli

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