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University of Liverpool Virtual Fellowship 2021


3D documentation for selected entry elements 

Tripoli, Lebanon

Photo taken by the researcher from the home of Prof Omar and Khaled Tadmouri, Tripoli


In addition to recent conflict and disasters, two topical events have stressed the critical need for digital heritage documentation: the devastating fire at Notre-Dame de Paris, France, in 2019 and the colossal explosion in 2020 at Beirut port, Lebanon, which caused extensive damage to a huge number of, mainly historical buildings. The former was well documented by various digital techniques which facilitated the restoration and preservation of the iconic monument [1, 2], while the latter was not fully documented, which makes preserving the damaged heritage more challenging.

This website is one of the outcomes of the University of Liverpool Fellowship in Heritage 2021. I would like to thank my mentors from University of Liverpool (UK): 

Dr. Ataa Alsalloum &

Dr. Nicholas Webb

Also I would like to thank Beirut Arab University (Lebanon):

the President Prof. Amr Galal El-Adawi, 

Prof. Ibtihal Youssef El Bastawissi, Dean Faculty of Architecture - Design & Built Environment for their support.


All the case studies are located in the historic part of Tripoli City at the north of Lebanon (see the map) except the last two cases. They are located in historic Cairo for the purpose of comparing between some cases in Tripoli and Cairo.

Selected case studies in Tripoli, Lebanon
(Micro scale photogrammetry)

Case micro

To view each case study; click on any of the above elevations. To view the entire models on Sketchfab; use this link:

Selected case studies in Cairo, Egypt 
(Micro scale photogrammetry)

Cairo_Tripoli pointed entrances comparison_final.jpg
photogrammetry_all elevations.jpg

Macro scale photogrammetry


A complete cross-section throughout the Zoukak Al Beyrouthi alley that highlights the entry tunnel, inner residential courtyard, covered workshops on the ground floor and the connections with other inner alleys street networks

Point Clouds animation in Zoukak Al Beyrouthi alley, Tripoli, Lebanon

case macro

Process used in affordable photogrammetry 

The photogrammetry outcome is used to extract real dimensions; 2D orthogonal drawings from plans, sections, and details; in addition to diagrammatic dross-sections to understand the building's form. Affordable tools used are mobile camera, and Metashap Agisoft educational software version.

diagram methods2.jpg
Madrasa Al Tuwayshuyyah example of model with and without texture.jpg
Khan ElSaboun Section.jpg

Khan Al Saboun

Photogrammetry procss
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